Barbecue, Barbeque, BBQ, Bar-BQ...

Call it what you want. Barbecue, barbeque, bbq, que, barbq, bar-bq, bar-b-q, barbie, barby, smoking, grilling, roasting, ritual burning of meat, whatever. At Hot Smoke BBQ the emphasis is on indirect grilling and hot smoking in a charcoal or wood fired barbecue smoker or kettle grill. Discover our plain and simple barbeque method and easy barbecue recipes which make grilling whole chicken - or rather: hot smoking whole chicken - really very easy!

Check out our Thanksgiving turkey, a barbecue pork leg roast, make your own super barbecue roast beef, or how about a savory smoked leg of lamb?

Hot smoked trout or salmon. Cooking your own smoked ham. Smoking guinea fowl. Smoking whole turkey - without burning or drying. You can do it! Easily.

Oh, and don't forget the spare ribs:

Photo of Chinese barbecue pork ribs mopped a couple of times with Char Siu Glazing - by Hot Smoke BBQ.

While your meat is slowly smoking for a few hours, you have time to read the newspaper or a book. Put on some nice music, mix a cool drink, make a few easy tapas or other small bites. Time for some R&R with your friends!

Just follow our plain and simple smoking techniques, try our easy barbecue recipes, and surprise friends and family - and yourself - with the original and savory taste of freshly smoked meat.

Juancho Indirect grilling + hot smoking = safe + savory!

With smokey regards,


Hot Smoke BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

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West Texas Country Beans

Photo of West Texas Country Beans by Hot Smoke BBQ. These West Texas Country Beans are a spicy sidedish that will go very well with any American barbecue or chuckwagon dinner.
Try them beans - they're easy and delicious! ;o)

North Carolina Pulled Pork

Photo of North Carolina pulled pork sandwich by Hot Smoke BBQ. Try this North Carolina pulled pork recipe and discover how simplicity can lead to excellence.
And that hunk of meat will give you something to talk about (or to ;o) while sipping your beer!

Traditional North Carolina Barbecue Sauce

Photo of Traditional North Carolina BBQ Sauce by Hot Smoke BBQ. This traditional North Carolina BBQ sauce is intended to be served with North Carolina Pulled Pork. While amazingly simple, this hot and sour mix has the power to raise the dead...

North Carolina Coleslaw (Seven-Day Slaw)

Photo of North Carolina Coleslaw by Hot Smoke BBQ. This easy North Carolina Coleslaw recipe combines amazingly well with North Carolina Pulled Pork. And - in the absence of mayonaise or eggs - this slaw is safer for outdoor parties.

Photo of Classic Mexican Tomato Salsa by Hot Smoke BBQ - by Hot Smoke BBQ.

Hot Smoke BBQ Classics

Nasi Kampung - Malaysian Fried Rice

Photo of Nasi Kampung Malaysian Fried Rice with green beans and shallots by Hot Smoke BBQ. This Nasi Goreng Kampung is a Malaysian Fried Rice Recipe which goes along very well with Asian barbeque like grilled satay, barbecue chicken or smoked spareribs.

Honey Mustard Spare Ribs

Photo of hot smoked honey mustard spareribs by Hot Smoke BBQ. By letting these pork ribs smoke slowly for a couple of hours the meat becomes real soft and makes for a delicious combination with the crispy texture of the honey mustard crust.

Juancho's Mustard Rub Number 2

Photo of Juancho's Mustard Dry Rub No. 2 for Barbecue Pork, Chicken or Lamb by Hot Smoke BBQ. This spices mix for barbecue pork is the result of trying something else for five or six times in a row until we were satisfied with the result.
            Discover that sweet-spicy-crispy crust!

Caraotas Negras - Venezuelan Black Beans

Picture of Caraotas Negras by Hot Smoke BBQ. This traditional and very savory Venezuelan Black Beans Recipe is a perfect companion for almost any Western style barbecue main course.

BBQ Chicken Maracucho - Ginger Chicken Legs

Photo of Venezuelan Ginger Chicken Thighs grilled by the Cowboy Grill method by Hot Smoke BBQ. For a typical Venezuelan taste, we first marinate these tender chicken thighs in a fragrant adobo, then grill them cowboy style until they are a nice and tender golden brown.

Adobo Maracucho - Venezuelan Marinade

Photo of Venezuelan Ginger Adobo - by Hot Smoke BBQ. An adobo is a spicy Latin marinade, mostly on the basis of freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice. We use this adobo recipe for marinating pork and to make Chicken Maracucho.

Marking Your Weber

Photo of Bottom Ventilation Markings on Weber Gold Kettle Grill by Hot Smoke BBQ. By marking the open, close and middle positions of the bottom vent holes of your Weber Gold barbecue you obtain better temperature control during hot smoking.

Edgar's Losie Foroe - Surinam Grilled Chicken

Photo of Edgar and his Grilled Chicken - by Hot Smoke BBQ. Like many Surinam people, my friend Eddy is a natural born cook. And he loves to grill! This Surinam Losie Foroe recipe (grilled chicken) is one of his favourites.

Double Vinegar Bath for Chicken or Other Meat

Picture of naked chicken after a bath in vinegar water in preparation for the oven or bbq. My friend Eddy washes his bbq chicken in water and vinegar. He's got a point:
The vinegar will clean, desinfect and tenderize the meat, and will allow the dry rub or marinade to penetrate better and deeper into the meat, thus improving taste and texture.

Korean Beef Satay

Photo of Korean Beef Satay by Hot Smoke BBQ. You will discover that this satay recipe is easy to make, and the result is beautiful fragrant grilled beef on a stick. And then there is the spicy satay sauce!

Korean Beef Marinade

Photo of Korean Beef Marinade by Hot Smoke BBQ. This beef marinade recipe is Juancho's own interpretation of the marinade used for the Korean barbeque beef named "Bool Kogi". We use it to make a nice and easy satay.

Korean Satay Sauce

Photo of Korean Satay Sauce by Hot Smoke BBQ. We're not sure if the name "Korean Satay sauce" is really appropriate, but this Korean Bool Kogi inspired satay sauce is really easy to prepare and is absolutely delicious!

Malaysian Rice with Ginger, Garlic and Shallots

Photo of Malaysian Rice with Garlic, Ginger and Shallots - by Hot Smoke BBQ. This Malaysian Rice Dish is a wonderful companion for your Asian barbecue like grilled satay or roasted Oriental chicken.

Toys for Boys: Cool Grills !!!

Cool Grills at Hot Smoke BBQ While I just love that whisp of fragrant Hot Smoke curling up from my barbecue, it's not the only kind of Hot Smoke that I'm really very fond of...
New: Pontiac Parisienne Convertible

Brined & Smoked Whole Pork Leg

Picture of a whole pork leg on a Weber barbecue. By indirect grilling it is possible to cook a whole pork leg to perfection. You can do this even in your small and simple kettle grill. The result is 14 pounds of barbecue smoked whole porkleg, which tastes fantastic, and looks quite spectacular!

Hot Smoke BBQ Special: A Smoker's Diary - Whole Pork Leg

Hot Smoked Cube Roll / Ribeye Roast

Brazos Dry Rub To make Roast Beef in your kettle grill is really quite easy. The combination of indirect grilling and hot smoking enables you to slow roast this whole Ribeye (or Cube Roll) to perfection without charring the outside.

Hot Smoke Barbecue Spices

Juanita's Original Indian Spices Tin By adding herbs and spices we can make our barbecue cooking taste better. Herbs and spices can also help us to add a particular theme to a barbecue dinner or barbecue party. Chinese, for example. Or the Old West Chuckwagon!

Hot Smoked Trout

Picture of hot smoking trout on a Weber grill. Try this hot smoked trout recipe and discover that you can easily barbecue trout or any other whole fish on your Weber bbq without the skin sticking to the grill or the fish falling apart.

Grilling a Butterflied Leg of Lamb

Photo of Grilled Butterflied Leg of Lamb by Hot Smoke BBQ. Hot smoking lamb meat is easier than you thought. This easy lamb barbecue does not take too long, and the result is a beautiful piece of really spicy and juicy smoked lamb.

Wet Rub / Barbecue Curry Paste for Lamb

Photo of Wet Rub or Barbecue Curry Paste for Lamb by Hot Smoke BBQ. This particular barbeque curry recipe, in which Thyme and Rosemary are combined with Cardamom, Cloves and Allspice, is especially suitable to flavour bbq lamb.

How to Butterfly a Leg of Lamb

Photo of Butterflied Leg of Lamb by Hot Smoke BBQ. By butterflying a leg of lamb you get a thinner piece of meat which will shorten cooking time by a factor 2 or more. You will also increase the effectiveness of a marinade or dry rub.

Brazos Beef Rub

Brazos Dry Rub The Brazos Beef Rub recipe is quite easy to make: salt and pepper, and a hint of Tex-Mex: garlic, paprika, rosemary and cummin.
While it was designed for beef, it is also great on lamb or mutton!

Hot Smoke BBQ Margarita

Picture of Hot Smoke BBQ Margarita cocktail. The Margarita is one of the most popular cocktails worldwide. And with its delicate balance of sweet, sour, bitter and salt, it is perfect to prepare the palate for barbeque fish.

Corn Tomato Cucumber Salad   ("CTC Salad")

Photo of Cor Tomato Cucumber Salad by Hot Smoke BBQ. This robust barbecue salad recipe includes a balanced corn tomato cucumber combination and can be prepared a couple of hours in advance of the party.

Smoked Chicken Salad

Photo of Smoked Chicken Salad by Hot Smoke BBQ. Barbecue leftovers are a blessing!
The mutilated body of that cannibalized barbecue grilled chicken is the start of a beautiful pulled chicken salad.

Singapore Spareribs

Foto van Singapore Glazuur op spareribs door Hot Smoke BBQ. The Singapore Spare Ribs recipe that we use here at Hot Smoke BBQ is our own interpretation of the flavours and aromas of the Malay and Chinese streets of Singapore.

Singapore Marinade

Photo of the ingredients of Hot Smoke BBQ's Singapore Marinade. After a dive into this lovely Singapore Marinade, your grilled chicken, smoked leg of lamb or barbecue pork will have that unforgettable and irresistable Oriental flavour!

Singapore Glazing

Photo of Singapore Glazing on spare ribs by Hot Smoke BBQ. After brushing a couple of times with this Singapore Glazing Sauce your barbecue chicken, grilled lamp chops or hot smoked pork will have a beautiful deep shiny skin.

China Red Ribs

Photo of China Red Ribs. We first marinated these baby back ribs overnight in a Chinese / Cantonese Cha Siu marinade After 3 hours of smoking we started to apply the Cha Siu Glazing until they looked bright red and shining!

Chinese Cha Siu Marinade

Chinese Cha Siew marinated pork hocks Chinese Pork or Cantonese Barbecued Pork is also known as Cha Siu, Cha Sui, Cha Siew, Char Siu, Char Sui, Char Siew, Tsja Siew, Shao Siu, and a few more name variations - all meaning the same.

Char Siu Glazing

Photo of Cha Siew Glazing Cha Siu is also named Shao Sui, Cha Siew, Tsja Siu, Char Siew, Tsja Siew, and a few more spelling variations. After a few applications of this Cantonese mop sauce your barbecue pork will look deep red and shining.

Chinese Cha Siew Pork Hocks

Chinese Cha Siew Pork Hocks We first marinated these hocks for a few hours in a Chinese Char Siew Marinade, and during smoking we applied several thick layers of our Soy Honey Glazing until these Chinese barbecue pork hocks looked bright red and shining!

Soy Honey Glazing

Photo of Chinese pork shanks with Soy Honey Glazing by Hot Smoke BBQ. This Soy Honey Glazing Recipe is intended for Chinese barbecue. After a few applications of this mop sauce your barbecue chicken or Cantonese pork will look nice and shining.

Brined, Smoked & Glazed Porkside

Brined, Smoked & Glazed Pork side Porkside is the ideal cut of meat for a winter barbecue. Sliced on dark bread, this hot smoked porkside is an excellent companion for a rich pea soup or a savory bean soup.

Hot Smoke BBQ Special: A Smoker's Diary - Glazed Porkside

Spicy Brine

Photo of Spicy Brine for barbecue pork by Hot Smoke BBQ. Brining and hot smoking is a perfect combination. I recently developed this spicy brine and tried it on a couple of cuts of porkside, and everybody really liked the results.

Beer Honey Mustard Glazing

Photo of Beer Honey Mustard Glazing for barbecue pork by Hot Smoke BBQ. This beer honey mustard glazing is ideal when you want a nice and shining finish on your barbecue meat. On top of that, it will add a wonderful malty and sweet flavour as well!

Hot Smoked Porkshanks

Photo of Hot Smoked Porkshanks by Hot Smoke BBQ. These barbecue pork shanks first had a spicy-sweet mustard dry rub rubbed in, and were then hot smoked for three hours on charcoal briquettes and chunks of oak.

Hot Smoke BBQ Special: A Smoker's Diary - Pork Shanks

Amarillo Dry Rub

Amarillo Dry Rub The name of this yellow dry rub recipe refers to Amarillo, the town in the Texas Panhandle, along the famous Route 66. Cowboy country, and a very good place for barbecue beef!

Indonesian Sweet and Sour Pork

Photo of Babi Panggang - Indonesian Sweet and Sour Pork by Hot Smoke BBQ. We got this Indonesian Sweet and Sour Pork Recipe from the Indonesian mother-in-law of a friend, who always makes it in a saucepan, more like a stew. We adapted the recipe and changed it to Barbecue Babi Pangang.

Babi Panggang Spare Ribs

Photo of Babi Panggang - Indonesian Sweet and Sour Pork Spare Ribs by Hot Smoke BBQ. I love the Indonesian sweet and sour roast pork dish called Babi Panggang and I love pork spare ribs. That's how this recipe came into being. Babi Panggang is quite easy to make on the barbecue and it is absolutely delicious.

Indonesian Sweet and Sour Marinade

Photo of Indonesian Sweet and Sour Marinade by Hot Smoke BBQ. I got this Indonesian Sweet and Sour Marinade recipe from the Indonesian mother-in-law of a friend. You can use it to make a delicious Indonesian Sweet and Sour Pork or Chicken!

Indonesian Sweet and Sour Sauce #1

Indonesian Sweet and Sour Sauce No. 1 I got this Indonesian Sweet and Sour Sauce recipe from the Indonesian mother-in-law of a friend. You can use it for Indonesian Sweet and Sour Pork and Chicken.

Indonesian Sweet and Sour Sauce #2

Indonesian Sweet and Sour Sauce No. 2 After marinating your meat in the Indonesian Sweet and Sour Marinade, don't throw away the marinade - it's the best barbecue sauce you ever tasted! Collect the leftover liquid, onion, garlic and ginger in a saucepan and bring it to the boil a couple of times to sterilize.

Glazed Oriental Veal Spare Ribs

Photo of Glazed Oriental Veal Ribs by Hot Smoke BBQ These "low and slow" hot smoked and glazed Oriental Veal Ribs are spicey sweet and smokey. Even if veal ribs are much leaner than pork ribs, and even if I cook them until they "fall off the bone", these slow food ribs will still remain very juicy.

Creamy Gravy with Tarragon

Photo of Creamy Gravy with Tarragon for Grilled Poultry by Hot Smoke BBQ. This soft and creamy white gravy with tarragon combines particularly well with the subtle taste of pork, veal and poultry, for example Hot Smoke BBQ's Brined and Smoked Turkey.

Juanita's Smoked Chicken Legs

Photo of Juanita's Smoked Chicken Legs by Hot Smoke BBQ. When on a Saturday in June the whole chickens were sold out we entered into a new era. With Juanita's Smoked Chicken Legs we were heading for a long hot summer!

Juancho's Garden Salad

Photo of Juancho's Garden Salad by Hot Smoke BBQ. Mint gives this colorful, easy and healthy lettuce corn tomato cucumber salad a surprisingly refreshing taste. This garden salad can be served with all kinds of barbecue meat!

Hot Smoke Highway Chicken

Photo of Hot Smoke Highway Chicken by Hot Smoke BBQ. Just imagine you have to scrape your chicken from the highway after it's been hit by a couple of 18-wheelers and a white delivery van...
Pure Barbecue Magic !!!

Pasta Salad #5

Photo of Pasta Salad #5 by Hot Smoke BBQ. This great pasta salad can be served with all kinds of barbecue, but can also be eaten as a vegetarian main course accompanied by bread and your favourite white wine.

Hot Smoke Grilled Chicken

Photo of one grilled chicken ready to go! By Hot Smoke BBQ. Barbecue grilled chicken at its best. You should always buy the best chicken you can, but after hot smoking and indirect grilling even the cheapest chicken will taste fantastic!

Surinam Roast Pork

Photo of Surinam Pork Roast In Surinam this pork roast is called Losie Agoe Metie. My friend Edgar traditionally makes it on Christmas Eve. Everybody who comes around has to taste it.   And Brada! - you'd better believe me - it tastes góód!

Hot Smoke Barbecue Fries

Photo of Grilled Potatoes by Hot Smoke BBQ. Once you have tried these smoke-grilled potatoes, you won't be able to resist making them every time you see some spare space on the grate...

Stuffed BBQ Potatoes

Photo of Stuffed BBQ Potatoes by Hot Smoke BBQ. These hot smoked stuffed potatoes take some time in preparation, but they taste great.

In addition to great taste, they also look wonderful on your barbecue plate.

Juanita's American Coleslaw

Photo of Juanita's American Coleslaw to go with Barbecue Meat by Hot Smoke BBQ. This salad is pretty robust and can be prepared a couple of hours in advance. It combines absolutely great with any meat from your barbecue.

Hot Smoke Red Coleslaw

Photo of Spicey Red Coleslaw for Barbecue Dishes by Hot Smoke BBQ. This spicy red coleslaw with pieces of apple combines very well with the robust taste of smoked meat like grilled chicken or barbecue spare ribs.

Juanita's Dry Rub USA #1

Juanita's Dry Rub USA #1 Surprise friend and foe with a true American taste. This rub is suitable for all kinds of meat, but is especially tasty on chicken and Guinea fowl.

Juancho's Mustard Rub

Photo of Juancho's Mustard Rub for Grilled Chicken or Barbecue Pork Spare Ribs "Juancho's Mustard Rub" is not just a tasty pork spare ribs dry rub, it also works very well on grilled chicken, Guinea fowl or barbecue lamb!

And as you might have thought, this mustard rub combines very well with Juancho's Honey Mustard Glazing.

Juancho's Honey-Mustard Glazing

Hot Smoke Highway Chicken - after mopping with Juancho's Honey Mustard Glazing This honey-mustard glazing will leave a nice and shining finish on your bbq meat.

And in addition to good looks: nice extra taste and flavour as well!


Photo of Guacamole by Hot Smoke BBQ. Freshly made guacamole is not only very tasty indeed, it is also very nutricious, full of vitamins, and contains lots of fiber. My wife Juanita loves fresh guacamole, and she makes it quite often!

Mexican Tomato Salsa

Photo of Mexican Classic Tomato Salsa by Hot Smoke BBQ. For a Mexican barbecue party, this classic salsa is an absolute must. My wife Juanita loves the Mexican cuisine, and this healthy tomato salsa is one of her favourites.

Photo of Classic Mexican Tomato Salsa by Hot Smoke BBQ - by Hot Smoke BBQ.

The Hot Smoke BBQ Motto:

Rain wíth barbecue is better than rain withóut barbecue.

At Hot Smoke BBQ we love chile peppers!

Keep Smokin' !